Hey all;

I'm running IPA internally to control access to our cloud environment. 

I must admit, I do not understand the password requirements. I have had them 
set to the defaults. I read this:

I have the minimum character classes set to 0. When people use SSH to change 
their passwords, they get "Based on a dictionary word" for passwords that have 
nothing to do with dictionary words. 

I can't find anywhere in the documentation a break down of what makes an 
unacceptable versus acceptable password. 

Can anyone help me figure out what to tell my users? I think people would get a 
lot less frustrated if they knew why "C679V375" was "too simple" when the 
password policy has 0 required classes. 

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ps: funny exchange with user:
Jul 12 14:12:33 <user1> i feel like im being punked
Jul 12 14:12:40 <user1> it is based on a dictionary word
Jul 12 14:12:43 <user1> it is too short
Jul 12 14:12:49 <user1> is does not have enough unique letters
Jul 12 14:12:51 <user1> etc

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