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On 09/24/2012 06:17 PM, James James wrote:
Hi guys,

we are planning to install 150 freeipa clients and I was wondering if there is 
a way to easily install (from kickstart) nfsv4 client.

I can add host with

# ipa host-add --password=secret

This was exactly intended for the bulk provisioning.

The idea was that you execute this command and then have kickstart files seeded 
or parameterized with this password so you will have 150 kickstart files that 
differ in the password value fanned out or you have one kickstart file and the 
password is passed as a parameter.

This was the vision. It definitely require some collaboration with tools like 
Satellite, Cobbler, Foreman, etc. We are not tried it ourselves but hope that 
those projects would be able to use parametarized or seeded kickstart files.

But to get the keytab (host and service), I have to log into the machine, 
launch kinit and get the keytab.

This will be very painful for 150 clients ....

Any hints is welcome ...

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