Possibly a bit of a strange requirement, I don't really know!  I have a
small business and am using IPA to manage our network.  I have migrated
from an LDAP setup with a variety of different certificates lying around
for different applications and find IPA much easier to administer, despite
the fact that it probably overkill for a couple of users using half a dozen

I have a few named virtual hosts that provide access to web based systems
from outside the local network, but I do not have sufficient control over
the external domain's DNS to add a subdomain with it's own DNS.  I can add
A records and CNAME records to point to the virtual hosts, but I cannot add
NS records to delegate name resolution to my own DNS.  The ISP I use does
not allow dynamic DNS updates.  I would like to use FreeIPA to manage the
SSL certificates for these virtual hosts using mod_nss and have already
implemented this successfully for virtual hosts on the local domain, but
since I do not control the public domain, I can't see how to achieve this.

Please forgive me if I am missing something obvious, but I've only been
using FreeIPA for two weeks and it is a testament to it's ease of use that
I have managed to get as far as I have with it in that time unaided!


Simon Williams
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