I just found that I had runout of UIDS when doing a winsync agreement.

>From my understanding when you add a replica it takes 1/2 of the master's UIDs 
>block...so a 2nd replica takes 1/2 of that again?

In my case I rebuilt the replica's several times and the Master ended up with 
only 2500 UIDs left...

When I did a winsync then it wasnt happy.

I'd suggest that as part of the winsync setup a ldapsearch is done to make sure 
there are plenty left and allocate more  if need be ....unless its a virgin 
setup....but a large site with say 2 replicas would leave 25000 UIDs on the 
master?  not unusual for AD's to have 25000+ users I'd suggest. (we have about 

or did I do something wrong?


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

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