I've got a host that's showing as both there & not there.  I've checked both 
the gui & cli, and here's the result.

[root@ops01 ~]# ipa host-find mdb09.ayisnap.com
1 host matched
  Host name: mdb09.ayisnap.com
  Principal name: host/mdb09.ayisnap....@ayisnap.com
  Password: False
  Keytab: False
  Managed by: mdb09.ayisnap.com
Number of entries returned 1
[root@ops01 ~]# ipa host-del mdb09.ayisnap.com 
ipa: ERROR: mdb09.ayisnap.com: host not found

I suspect it's only exiting in some of the LDAP tables, but I can't tell enough 
about the structure to delete it from IPA, and then we can just re-add it.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do to clean this up?

Matthew Barr
Technical Architect
E: mb...@snap-interactive.com
AIM: matthewbarr1
c:  (646) 727-0535

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