Toasted Penguin wrote:
I have the server setup to manage sudo and I configured a target client
to use the IPA server for sudo.  When a user tries to use sudo (in this
case "sudo su -") it fails and they get the error "user is not allowed
to run sudo on client-host.  This incident will be reported." I verified
via the log files that the client is making requests to the IPA server
when the user is attemping to use sudo and it fails.  I temporarily
disabled using the IPA server for sudo and I get the standard "User not
in the sudoers file...."
Its starting to look like the server rules maybe the issue but I believe
I have the sudo rule setup correctly.  I created a sudo command
"/bin/su", created a sudo rule "Sudo to root" , added the group the user
in question is a part of to the WHO-->User Groups; Added the Host Group
the target client host is part of to Access This Host-->Host Groups
and added the sudo command to the sudo rule via Allow-->Sudo Allow
Commands.  When I delete the sudo rule I get the same result as I did
when I temporarily disbled the client host using tghe IPA server for
sudo verification.
Any ideas why or where to look to figure out this issue?

I took a look at the docs and they state to edit /etc/nscld.conf. You want /etc/ldap.conf for the configuration. Can you give that a try?

Adding sudoers_debug 2 should provide copious information on stdout.


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