I have a problem. My setup:

- IPA server for domain example.com on ipa.example.com
- DNS server sub.example.com on host.sub.example.com
- client.example.com with IP-nr off ipa.example.com in resolv.conf
- an A record for client.sub.example.com in DNS server host.sub.example.com

Problem: I cannot resolve the address of client.sub.example.com from

I have tried all kinds of configs:
1. Configured global forwarding in named.conf on ipa.example.com
2. Configured zone forwarding in named.conf on ipa.example.com for zone
3. Configured global forwarding in IPA server
4. Add a zone sub.example.conf in IPA and configured forwarding on that

Nothing works. I keep getting NXDOMAIN when doing a dig. If I query the DNS
server on host.sub.example.com directly, it resolves.

Using RHEL6.3 on all hosts.

I found an old bugzilla on recursion problems. in namd.conf recursion is
allowed for "any".

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