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>> >> > Hi everyone,
>> >> >
>> >> > I have been trying to work out how to achieve this.
>> >> > I have freeipa 3.0.0 setup on a Fedora 18 server and I have postfix
>> >> > and
>> >> > dovecot on my new mail server authenticating against Freeipa.
>> >> > One last thing I would love to do it pull down the virtual users and
>> >> > aliases
>> >> > for the domains my mailserver will be serving from freeipa.
>> >> > Is this possible?
>> >> > Is this all automatic due to sssd looking up the user details in the
>> >> > ds?
>> >> > Does it do the same for domains and email aliases or will I need
>> >> > extra
>> >> > lookups to achieve this.
>> >>
>> >> I've recently built an entire mail system around FreeIPA and it works
>> >> great. There are two parts to be concerned with:
>> >>
>> >> 1. Authentication - With Postfix, this is handled by saslauthd which
>> >> can authenticate against Kerberos (using or not using sssd). I used
>> >> Cyrus-IMAP for the mailstore which also uses saslauthd. Doveccot has
>> >> it's own sasl built in which can authenticate against Kerberos or
>> >> LDAP, thus it should work with IPA.
>> >
>> >
>> > I have dovecot authing against freeipa (via pam)and I setup a sasl auth
>> > instance in dovecot and have postfix authing against that.
>> > I figured why setup another sasl auth daemon when dovecot can do it for
>> > me
>> > so they effectively use the same authentication source.
>> >
>> >> 2. Configuration - With Postfix, you can set all different areas (e.g.
>> >> virtual, aliases, etc.) to use LDAP lookup of configuration
>> >> information. You are typically searching for the email address (mail
>> >> attribute in IPA) and your search will generally return the userid
>> >> (uid attribute) of where the mail is to be stored. I don't believe
>> >> that Dovecot or Cyrus-IMAP have any way of maintaining any
>> >> configuration in LDAP so you generally have to setup mailboxes and
>> >> authorization information by hand using their tools.
>> >
>> >
>> > I have most of that worked out but getting delivery addresses for
>> > domains
>> > that aren't the base is proving tricky.
>> > It's looking like I will need to add some extra schemas to the ds so i
>> > can
>> > add the delivery domain to each user and somehow use that to construct
>> > the
>> > delivery address.
>> > I am not sure I can do that though.
>> I didn't really have to add anything except for one extra attribute.
>> You can group your users into user groups representing the domains
>> they belong to such that Postfix can query whether or not to accept
>> for a domain or not. I added mailAlternateAddress for aliases rather
>> than user multi-value attribute mail so I can have a "master" email
>> address for each user. It was easy to do with the existing schema
>> (mailRecipient objectclass). BTW if you haven't already figured it
>> out, postmap -q is your friend when setting up your LDAP config in
>> Postfix. Just keep adjusting everything until you get the answer you
>> (and Postfix) expect.
> I discovered that attribute when I was digging around in the ldif files and
> I was just wondering why they didn't use that for setting aliases.
> It would certainly make my ldap queries for postfix a lot simpler.
> I added the mailRecipient class to the defaults for users and tried to use
> the ipa user-mod --setattr=mailAlternateAddress= and it is telling me
> ipa: ERROR: attribute "mailAlternateAddress" not allowed
> I have also trying to set a few other non standard attributes that seem to
> be in the default schemas already and they all give me the same error.
> Am I missing something?

Yes. You need to add the objectclass first, then the attribute will be
available. We add the objectclass to each mail user (some of our users
don't have mail) and also to the user group (the domain) such that
Postfix can easily find by using the objectclass as a filter. So:

ipa user-mod --addattr=objectclass=mailRecipient

I've patched IPA to include the mailAlternateAddress so when I add an
alias that attribute is added automatically. If you don't want to
patch then you'll need to also:

ipa user-mod --addattr=mailAlternateAddress

>> > I am half tempted to add the extra components of 389-ds and see it that
>> > will
>> > let me do what I need.
>> >
>> > On a side note the freeipa lads seem to be working out how to add
>> > multitenancy support so it will be capable of serving multiple separate
>> > Kerberos principals.
>> > That would help a lot but I need to cobble something together now.
>> Yes, if you want unique uid's within each domain you'll have to wait
>> for that. I gave up on that notion and simply require unique uids for
>> every user regardless of domain and deliver to single domain style
>> mail store setup.
> yeah that's tempting but I need to have separate domains.

We do have separate domains, but they share uid space. If you use
email address as login and are not using Kerberos for auth then the
one domain per user group also works really well. You can search the
for the email address instead of the uid.


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