Looks a lot like a problem I have as well.
Check out the /proc/xxx/fd directory of the dirsrv process for your IPA realm, 
in my case it's full of dead pointers to /var/tmp/ldap_xxx where xxx will be 
the same on one IPA server(I have two in a multi-master setup).
These don't clear out until I restart the dirsrv process, so eventually they'll 
fill up to the FD limit. For now I have a cron job performing a staggered IPA 
restart on the two servers and a case open with RH, but I haven't gotten any 
solution yet.
This is also RHEL 6.3 by the way, though the problem appeared in 6.2 for me.


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Have any folks run into this:

PR_Accept() failed, Netscape Portable Runtime error -5971 (Process open FD 
table is full.)

>From the dirsrv logs. It appears that this may have been what killed IPA in 
>total on one server for me last night. I can't turn up anything via Google.

After a restart of all the IPA processes everything started working again.

I have looked into FD limits on the system and it doesn't seem like that is a 
likely cause. Found info here:

This is on a RHEL 6.3 system fully updated.

Any ideas?


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