Yes you can winsync and passsync RHEL6.3 IPA from win2k3 r2 + AD, it should be 
in your  RH supported channel tree?  

The passsync.msi has to go on each AD box and is a MSI supplied by RH, I think 
that's also in the RH support channel but for some strange reason I think it 
might be in the workstation tree and not server tree.

>From what I can read there are some caveats,

1) Only one AD domain, so if you have a AD "forest" you can only do one 
sub-domain.   So if the root is "example.com" and you have "staff.example.com" 
and "clients.example.com" you can do only one, say staff.example.com to IPA.

Possible issues,

2) There is a bug in the setup where you have to be careful that you specify 
the right OU= IF your users are not in the expected default (cn=users?), 
otherwise the IPA users get deleted rather than ignored, you end up with an 
empty IPA....frightened me senseless!


    a) If you have users in multiple ou's then only one set is synced the rest 
in IPA will go bye bye, unless they are unique to IPA.
    b) If some users have a smartphone to exchange setup the winsync agreement 
sees that as the user having 2 ous's and first adds and then deletes those 
users......oops.....I lost 20% of my users that way....

These are with RH support, I have a hot fix, I am testing.

    c) Its really hard to make sure all users have been transferred as you can 
only see 2000 users in IPA so something like an external tool like xplorer seem 
to be the only way for simpletons like myself to look at and compare.

This is with RH support.

3) Also with 6.2 or 6.2 upgraded to 6.3 you may find that when the winsync 
syncs, the IPA users lose all their groups. I have tested a 6.2 upgraded to 6.3 
several times and this happens each time but a clean 6.3 IPA seems fine....we 
dont know why that is yet.

This is with RH support,

So if you are going to do this you need an isolated test setup to test for 
un-expected "features" that could really spoil your day.


My main advice would be restart with a clean 6.3 setup and not an upgraded from 
6.2.  Ive rebuilt 2 of my three IPA servers and teh 6.3 clean builds seem a lot 
more stable.

Also use db2ldif to make backups of your database before you do it....also you 
might want to halt and turn off any IPA replicas when you do it until after you 
are happy its stable and OK.


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

0064 4 463 6272

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Subject: [Freeipa-users] FreeIPA v 2.2 in an AD environment

Hi all,

I am in the process of deploying freeIPA 2.2 to authenticate Linux
systems and have been able to setup everything nicely with separate
domain.  I mean users are currently using separate password to access
Linux system and another set of password from AD for desktop stuff. On
Friday, I came across an article on freeIPA v 3 and noticed one can
use the same username & password for both Linux and Windows systems.
I have since felt this would be a better setup and but feel like the
documentation are not clear on how to achieve the above.

Would anyone be able to clarify this:

- Can I be able to synchronize the current AD user credentials with
FreeIPA 2.2 or do I have to upgrade to FreeIPA 3.0 ?
- If upgrading is necessary, is there an RPM that can run on RHEL 6.2
?  I can only seem to find freeIPA v3 RPM for Fedora 17.  Was hoping
to use a blessed RPM instead of rolling one which mean be incompatible
with the distribution RPM once it comes around



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