So, we're in a datacenter that lost power over sandy.  (It's not our only one, 
so the app was fine.)

I'm now trying to bring the DC back online, and IPA is having issues with it's 
inability to reach other replicas.

        * We're using IPA for DNS as well as the kerberos & LDAP services.

Does anyone have any documentation on which services are required for bringing 
up IPA?

named is having trouble coming up, since it can't reach it's peers.  

resolv.conf points to the local IP, then to the replicas.. but those aren't 
reachable yet.

We're getting:  
 Failed to init credentials (Cannot resolve network address for KDC in realm 

As an aside, we're not having issues starting dirsrv, KDC, or the other IPA 
services, just named.    Named's failure then causes everything else to shut 
down, though..

Matthew Barr
Technical Architect
AIM: matthewbarr1
c:  (646) 727-0535

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