On 11/05/2012 02:01 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
> corner case?
> as in not very standard?  
> In which case, yes I suppose so. AD is a very complex thing and you can 
> customise it it seems.  As a Linux person wandering into such a thing as a 
> non-standard AD and not knowing this its a bit of a minefield.....but of 
> course you dont know you are in one! so dont know what to ask....experience 
> the hard way.  Dragons, yes my armour is definately a bit runny....

Steven, let me put this way: you were unlucky to be the first to produce
the configuration we never seen before (AD sync is a part of DS for
ages). Things evolve on the AD side and we are not the first to know or
experience new changes and configurations that AD adds. AD in fact big
and complex. I am sorry about what you have been through but we
unfortunately did not anticipate the scenarios and configuration that
you presented. For us they were the corner cases at the moment. Now they
are not since you hit them, we learned the details of those issues and
addressed them.

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>> Sync: available starting the beginning of the IPA life. It has some
>> limitations and we indeed had some issues with the corner cases that
>> Steve's environment has. They are not common but you have been warned
>> anyways.
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