Steven Jones wrote:

It seems I am faced with rebuilding my original IPA master....trouble is I dont 
know the impact and problems with doing that.

For instance, can I simply,

1) run a db2ldif to export the ldap contents,
2) un-install the IPA server,
3) reboot and re-install it,
4) run ldif2db
5) then re-sync the two replicas?

or will the two replicas need rebuilding? and rejoining fresh?

Will all the hosts need re-joining?

Looking at this I dont know just how easy it is or not to do.

I think we need more details on what it is you're trying to do, and why.

You wouldn't normally drop and reload a database in an IPA server like this.

I gather you have three masters. Do you have a dogtag CA installed on one or all of them? Which one are you looking to rebuild?


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