> The SODO integration is evolving so it important to know what OS and
> version you are on.
> I would assume you are on RHEL6.3 or equivalent.

That's correct.  I am on RHEL6.3 equivalent

> There are two main ways to integrate SUDO with IPA. One with SSSD
> integration and another without. The one with the SSSD integration was a
> tech preview in 6.3 and did not work well so we will set is aside for
> now (but we fixed it and it is coming in 6.4 as a supported feature).
Neat, looks forward to 6.4
> So the only reasonable option ATM is to setup sudo without SSSD integration.
> So this solution implies that SUDO will use LDAP to get data from the
> LDAP server and LDAP server happens to be IPA in this case.
> You need to configure SUDO with LDAP as one would do following the
> instructions provided by SUDO package.
> Please search archives of the last month. There have been couple threads
> that you can find helpful in your quest.
Thank you for the pointer... Looking at the archive now

> Kee in mind that the location and name of the file used by sudo to
> configure LDAP connection has changed. The exact names of the files and
> recommendations you will find in the mentioned threads.
> Once you configured SUDO and if you still have problems please let us
> know and we will help to troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you aagain

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