On 11/16/2012 04:11 PM, Bret Wortman wrote:
Using FreeIPA on a private network (where it's easier to just alias our own
servers to these names than to edit config file after config file). Any idea
what I'm doing wrong here?

# ipa dnszone-add 0.pool.ntp.org <http://0.pool.ntp.org>
--name-server=dns.project.net <http://dns.project.net>
--admin-email=r...@project.net <mailto:r...@project.net>
ipa: ERROR: Nameserver 'dns.project.net <http://dns.project.net>' does not have
a corresponding A/AAAA record
# ipa dnsrecord-find project.net <http://project.net> dns
   Record name: dns
   A record: a.b.c.d
Number of entries returned 1
# host dns.project.net <http://dns.project.net>
dns.project.net <http://dns.project.net> has address a.b.c.d

Bret Wortman
The Damascus Group
Fairfax, VA

Hello Bret,

can you try reloading the httpd server where your IPA server is being run? This issue can happen if you for example change the nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf during httpd run time. Python framework in this httpd server would still be initialized with the old nameserver address and may not be able to resolve the address.

Second note: it is safer to use --name-server option in a FQDN form, i.e. dns.project.net. instead of dns.project.net . With newer IPA versions, nameserver set to dns.project.net would effectively mean this FQDN: dns.project.net.0.pool.ntp.org.



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