you didn't specified IPA version, OS version etc., so my reply will be valid latest IPA master but not necessarily for Your version:

You are trying to use name server from another zone so you have to enter absolute DNS name.

Value "dns.project.net" is missing the trailing dot, so DNS name was read as relative. As a result zone origin (i.e. "0.pool.ntp.org") was appended to the name - and not found in (empty!) zone "0.pool.ntp.org".

You have to specify --ip-address if you want to create a new NS record with relative name. --ip-address and --name-server combination will create NS+A record pair.

Petr^2 Spacek

On 11/16/2012 04:11 PM, Bret Wortman wrote:
> Using FreeIPA on a private network (where it's easier to just alias our own servers to these names than to edit config file after config file). Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?
> # ipa dnszone-add 0.pool.ntp.org --name-server=dns.project.net --admin-email=r...@project.net > ipa: ERROR: Nameserver 'dns.project.net' does not have a corresponding A/AAAA record
> # ipa dnsrecord-find project.net dns
>   Record name: dns
>   A record: a.b.c.d
> ----------------------------
> Number of entries returned 1
> ----------------------------
> # host dns.project.net
> dns.project.net has address a.b.c.d

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