On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 09:18:51PM +0100, Marc Grimme wrote:
> Hello sssd list.
> My problem is that a with sssd configured ubuntu 12.04 client cannot
> change a password that has to be set a new for IPA.
> As I've learned from the IPA list there are indications that sssd might
> be the problem in this case.
> With logging=10 in sssd.conf I see the following logs by sssd:
> When a user password expires the users are requested to change their
> password (in the login screen).
> They'll type their old password and then repeat it as part of the change
> process. Nevertheless - although the password matches - they are not
> issued to input their new password but get the error message that this
> action could not be performed (Password change failed. Server message..).

I guess it is you PAM configuration. If you use a client side password
checker, e.g. pam_cracklib or pam_pwquality.so,  in the password section
of you PAM configuration you have to add the 'use_authtok' option to
pam_sss in the section. If you do not use any checker you must not use
'use_authtok' here because sssd would expect a password to be available
on the PAM stack but no module sets it.

>From your description I guess you do not have a client-side password
checker but 'use_authtok' is set. If this is the case, please remove
'use_authtok' and try again.



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