On 30 November 2012 11:43, Rob Crittenden <rcrit...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Steven Jones wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it possible to use the freeipa API and and external program to do one
>> time passwords?  (password is sent by the external app,  sms to smartphone).
> Not yet. The problem is lack of support in the KDC and this is being
> actively worked on.
> We did a proof-of-concept at the Red Hat Summit a couple of years ago
> using a Yubikey as the OTP source. It was, as they say in New England,
> wicked cool.
> It was very much hardcoded though. AFAIK they are working on a plugin
> interface to make this much easier to do. A lot of the work is being done
> here: https://fedorahosted.org/**AuthHub/<https://fedorahosted.org/AuthHub/>

Looking forward to that.
If I had some spare time I could contribute...

> rob
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