I just joined this list because I was curious about the recent discussion
that Rashard Kelly had started about whether to use FreeIPA's integrated
DNS or whether to disable DNS. I'm wondering about a very similar thing. I
have a bunch of Linux servers that I'd like to start manage more centrally
but we have Active Directory running the network right now.

I looked at the bug attachment Petr Spacek recommended (
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/attachment/ticket/3268/3268.v2) but one
thing I didn't see there is a discussion of whether to use an entirely
different domain. As this is the direction I'm inclined to I'm curious if
there is some good reason not to do it.

Suppose I have a company ACME Widgets which is running
*acmewidgets.local* under
Active Directory. Does it simplify anything if I were to run all my Linux
boxes under FreeIPA under an entirely different domain such as *acme.local*?

Since I have completely separate DNS records I shouldn't need to worry
about any DNS integration. Will this complicate a future trust between the
AD domain *acmewidgets.local *and the FreeIPA domain *acme.local* if I want
to do that at some point?

Is the website planning to be updated again soon? Looking through the
documentation I only see old versions listed. Also, clicking the roadmaps,
future version plans, etc... appear to be updated.

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