On 12/25/2012 09:01 AM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
>> Hrm.  It'd seem I overlooked something...
>> >
>> > [776940.813555] ipa-getkeytab[28840]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fa38cda61dc
>> > sp 00007fffbdf1bce0 error 6 in libgssapiv2.so.2.0.25[7fa38cda3000+7000]
>> >
>> > I guess I better get a bug filed if there isn't one already.  I assume
>> > that the bug should go to Fedora, and not the FreeIPA project, would
>> > that be correct?
> Either way is OK.
> Putting it directly into the project trac will give it a bit more
> visibility.

I'm trying to collect information for the bug report, but I'm having
trouble; it seems that ipa-join calls ipa-getkeytab, so I can't, for
example, get a useful dump of information using "catchsegv".

ABRT keeps popping up that there's a problem detected, but I cannot get
it to submit the bug report to save my life.

That means that, at least for right now, the above is literally all I
have to go on, and that doesn't make for a useful bug report (unless
those numbers have some sort of magic meaning to the FreeIPA developers,
but I'd reckon not, since they're specific to the F18 packages).

I just made another package crash, and ABRT worked just fine for it.

Any assistance so that I can provide a real, useful bug report would be
very appreciated.



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