On 12/25/2012 01:50 PM, Michael B. Trausch wrote:
> I'm trying to collect information for the bug report, but I'm having
> trouble; it seems that ipa-join calls ipa-getkeytab, so I can't, for
> example, get a useful dump of information using "catchsegv".
> ABRT keeps popping up that there's a problem detected, but I cannot get
> it to submit the bug report to save my life.
> That means that, at least for right now, the above is literally all I
> have to go on, and that doesn't make for a useful bug report (unless
> those numbers have some sort of magic meaning to the FreeIPA developers,
> but I'd reckon not, since they're specific to the F18 packages).
> I just made another package crash, and ABRT worked just fine for it.
> Any assistance so that I can provide a real, useful bug report would be
> very appreciated.

Sorry to be replying to myself so much here.

I just attempted to install debuginfo packages, but it says that none
are available:

[mbt@aloe ipa-client]$ sudo debuginfo-install ipa-client
Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
enabling fedora-debuginfo
enabling updates-debuginfo
No debuginfo packages available to install

Trying to manually run the commands the script does doesn't give me
anything useful either; I'm not entirely sure why.

So, to summarize, all I really know is that there is an apparent NULL
pointer dereferenced somewhere in the GSS library when called from
ipa-getkeytab, and I don't have any apparent way to collect a stack
trace or otherwise get anything more useful.  :-/

So, in short, I'll definitely need some help to report this usefully.

        Thanks a million,


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