David Copperfield wrote:
Hi howdy,

  I've migrated some NIS netgroups from my old openLDAP to IPA 2.2.0, it
imported all the old data without prompting problems. But now the issues
are at the client side:

  redhat 5.8 clients can see all host netgroups and user netgroups
without problems.
while redhat 6.3 clients can only see all host based netgroups. user
netgroups can not be seen.

But when I create new user netgroups directly through web UI, both types
of clients have no problems to see.

Any one knows what could be the issue? if my importing/migration script
have issues, then both types of clients will report problems at the same
time, not 5.8 works while 6.3 fails, right? Any one has encountered same
issue? Please shed a light here.

Can you expand on how user netgroups can't be seen? You might try amping up the sssd debug level to see if it is having problems seeing things.


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