David Copperfield wrote:
Hi howdy,

  Is there a nagios check for replication check among IPA servers and
replicas? If not, is there a way to test the replica status through some
files or underlying LDAP command outputs?

I have one test environment with a IPA server on a Vmware instance, two
IPA replicas created from the server, and a few IPA clients which talks
to replicas.

I shutdown IPA server from time to time for whole machine level backups.
after IPA server boots back up again, some times it fails 'IPA
user-find' command.  I am not sure:

   1, how long does it take for the IPA server to replicate/sync from
changes on IPA replicas during the server's down time?

It depends on the number of changes. 389-ds basically starts this when the connection comes back up.

   2, How to check the replication/sync processes?

The agreements are in cn=mapping tree,cn=config. You'll need to bind as the directory manager or as a user delegated access to read this. There are some delegation status attributes.

   3, are the IPA commands failed as a protection because the IPA server
is still in replication/sync waiting/doing process?

I'm not sure what you mean by failed. How did it fail?


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