Han Boetes wrote:
I've set up windows with the instructions given over here:


And all seems to be working fine. After I run klist I see valid tickets:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.


Aktuelle Anmelde-ID ist 0:0x153b25

Zwischengespeicherte Tickets: (1)

#0>     Client: fh @ REALM
         Server: krbtgt/REALM @ REALM
         KerbTicket (Verschl├╝sselungstyp): AES-256-CTS-HMAC-SHA1-96
         Ticketkennzeichen 0x40e10000 -> forwardable renewable initial
t name_canonicalize
         Startzeit: 1/4/2013 14:03:11 (lokal)
         Endzeit:   1/5/2013 14:03:11 (lokal)
         Erneuerungszeit: 1/11/2013 14:03:11 (lokal)
         Sitzungsschl├╝sseltyp: AES-256-CTS-HMAC-SHA1-96

I can do a passwordless login with the latest putty with kerberos
authentication,  I disabled password and key logins. And then on the
host I checked klist and got this:

[fh@test-server-ipa ~]$ klist
klist: No credentials cache found (ticket cache FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1554800011)

sudo also doesn't work. To test the setup I did the same from linux host
and login in, sudo, klist etc etc all work fine. So I checked the sshd
-d output difference and the only difference I see is:

-Postponed gssapi-with-mic for fh from port 50334 ssh2
-debug1: Received some client credentials
+Postponed gssapi-with-mic for fh from port 49168 ssh2
+debug1: Got no client credentials

Where .73 is the linux host and .56 is the windows host.

What am I missing here?

The problem isn't that authentication fails, it is that the credentials aren't forwarded, right?

Does putty support this?


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