On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 12:06:35PM -0700, Orion Poplawski wrote:
> We're looking at migrating from 389ds to ipa.  Currently our users
> are in ou=People with rfc2307 attributes.  Is there any way to
> provide an ou=people,dc=nwra,dc=com compatibility group in IPA?  Or
> does everything have to remain under cn=compat?  We have a lot of
> references to ou=People,dc=nwra,dc=com in clients.

Things show up under cn=compat because the Schema Compatibility plugin
is configured to put them there.  With a bit of manual configuration,
the compatibility user entries can show up under ou=People, too.  Here's
an initial guess at how that'd look, mostly copy/pasted from the compat

  dn: ou=people,cn=Schema Compatibility,cn=plugins,cn=config
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: objectclass=posixAccount
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: gecos=%{cn}
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: cn=%{cn}
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: uidNumber=%{uidNumber}
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: gidNumber=%{gidNumber}
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: loginShell=%{loginShell}
  schema-compat-entry-attribute: homeDirectory=%{homeDirectory}
  ou: people
  objectClass: top
  objectClass: extensibleObject
  schema-compat-search-filter: objectclass=posixAccount
  schema-compat-entry-rdn: uid=%{uid}
  schema-compat-search-base: cn=users, cn=accounts, dc=nwra,dc=com
  schema-compat-container-group: ou=people,dc=nwra,dc=com

You'd need to stop the directory server, add this to its dse.ldif file,
and start it up again.



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