On Tue, 2013-01-15 at 18:04 +0800, Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:
> problem:
> -using Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8
> -3000 users
> -only have license for 2500 users (ZCS Network Edition, users on freeipa)
> -500 users on OSS Edition, openldap
> want to achieve:
> -single sign-on / login page to log in users on both NE & OSS servers
> e.g: user A on NE logs in via webmail.domain.com, user B on OSS also
> can log in from webmail.domain.com
> is there any way that I could achieve this with freeipa 3.0?

Sorry but this looks more like a Zimbra question than a FreeIPA related
one. FreeIPa will allow you to do SSO using GSSAPI for any user that
belongs to the FreeIPA directory. As long all your applications use
keytabs release by freeipa and have a way to map principals to mailboxes
I see no actual obstacle, of course the devil is always in the details.

As for integration of Zimbra instances this is probably not the right
list to ask.


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