We've got a freeipa system installed, but it's experiencing some bugs.  I 
suspect some of it came from adding & removing a replica, as well as upgrading 
from prior versions.
(we're on centos 6.3 now)

We're about to do a datacenter rebuild & move, and I'd like to start from 
scratch, yet still import the users & their passwords.    I suspect we can just 
do a clean build in the new site, and just do a migrate of the users via the 
ldap method.

Thoughts?  I don't anticipate moving any hardware that's enrolled from site to 
site, so certs & the like shouldn't be a factor.

Matthew Barr
Technical Architect
E: mb...@snap-interactive.com
AIM: matthewbarr1
c:  (646) 727-0535

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