Hi Dimitri, 

 Thanks for your response but I'm a little bit confused. Indeed, some users 
tell me that it's possible to join an IPA domain from a windows workstation and 
you say this is not possible. 

 I don't have an AD server, I want to configure IPA to act like an AD. My 
network contains Windows/Linux workstations and I want to centrally manage 

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 On 01/23/2013 03:59 PM, Bob Sauvage wrote:
 > Hi Dale,
 > You mean that if I turn this option to 'yes', I'll be able to connect to the 
 > server through SSH without needing to authenticate again ? Even if I'm 
 > connected on the domain from a Windows workstation ?

 If you setup trusts between IPA and AD then yes.
 If not then you need to ssh from the system that belongs to the API domain.
 IPA does not support Windows systems to be joined to IPA domain. But you can 
configure kerberos for Windows and use local Windows accounts. There are some 
HowTos on the wiki about it.
 Alternatively you join Linux systems to AD and use it as your central 
authentication server then SSO would also work but you will loose ability to 
manage your Linux related policies.

 Trusts is probably the best for you but there will be dragons.

> Regards,
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 On 01/22/2013 09:51 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
 > Hi,

 > I have all done this, so from what you write I think IPA would be a good fit 
 > for what you want, except that is the single sign on bit I have not looked 
 > to see if that can be done. For http restart you control that via sudo in 
 > IPA so its centrally managed, I have this working for one such server though 
 > I use the reload option instead.
 to enable SSO with SSH from a ipa workstation, just edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config 
and make sure the line below is set to yes
 "GSSAPIAuthentication yes"

 If you've just made the change, it won't take effect until SSH is restarted. 
So do the usual service sshd restart.

 > I would also not run one instance of IPA myself but with such a small site 
 > that's your call.

 > regards

 > Steven Jones

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 > Hi *,

 > I plan to review the network architecture of my office. 10 Windows/Linux 
 > desktops and 2 Linux servers will be deployed on the network.

 > I want to install freeipa on the first server to act like an AD DS. I want 
 > to authenticate users on the server and controlling what can be done or not 
 > by them on the network. 10 other linux web servers should be accessible 
 > (console) by specific users and without the need to authenticating again 
 > (single sign on). On these web servers, users can issue specific commands 
 > like "/etc/init.d/httpd restart".

 > Is it possible to achive this with freeipa ? Do you have some articles ?

 > Thanks in advance,

 > Bob !

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