I have a need to have certain mission critical application accounts
non-expiring (people don't log in directly, but if the accounts expire
it could stop production jobs.)

I've set "Max lifetime (days)" to 99999 in the web interface, but
here's what I see when I do "ipa pwpolicy show":

  Group: application-accounts
  Max lifetime (days): 8639913600
  Min lifetime (hours): 0
  History size: 0
  Character classes: 3
  Min length: 8
  Priority: 0
  Max failures: 0
  Failure reset interval: 0
  Lockout duration: 0

I have a user that is a member of the application-accounts group and
they reset their password yesterday, but their password is set to
expire in three months:

krbpasswordexpiration: 20130423220808Z
krbpwdpolicyreference: cn=application-accounts

Have I hit some maximum and I'm confusing IPA?  Or do I completely
misunderstand these entries?

I also have a case open with RH on this, but I haven't heard anything
back yet.  If I get this solved through them I'll be sure to reply
with results.



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