On 01/24/2013 11:34 AM, Matthew Barr wrote:
> Just reading this over, and the RFE, I've got another possible option.
> Our standard build uses a key tab of a user with permission to add a host, 
> and that sets the OTP for the kickstart to use.
> Is it possible to reset the state of the host record to the state where it 
> can use the same install command on an existing host record?  Basically, set 
> the OTP again?
> If i could run a single command to reset the state to allow the OTP to work 
> it would work fairly well.. 
> for example:  ipa host-mod wiki01.ayisnap.com --password=foo

Yes you can set it again. This is how we envisioned the feature to be used.
If it does not work it is a bug.

> Background:
> We've got IPA & puppet.  I have to purge the IPA host record & the puppet SSL 
> keys, in order to regenerate them both.  Satellite/Spacewalk allows for a 
> rebuild command, but I'm not sure what Katello & foreman will do in the 
> future.
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