On 1.2.2013 15:42, William Muriithi wrote:

Hello pal,

I have a centos 6.3 that fails to enroll to the IPA server however much
I try.  I believe its because of the bug below.  I have updated the IPA
client but it seem it is only fixed on ipa-3.0 which ships on RHEL 6.4
How many replicas do you have? Could you share /var/log/ipa-client-install.log ?

Is there a way of enrolling the client manually without necessary
updating the system to Centos 6.4 (Which I don't know is it exist
You can try dirty hack: On client create iptables rule in OUTPUT chain which rejects all traffic to all IPA servers except one. Installer should theoretically fail over to the only accessible server.

I would recommend "-j REJECT". DROP would create huge intervals of waiting for packets which will never arrive.


This is the most current IPA client on 6.3


Petr^2 Spacek

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