On 02/04/2013 07:07 PM, It Meme wrote:
Thank you John for your helpful reply.

Near real time will be sufficient - within the 5 min range.

Will it be practical when managing a user's groups - these can happen
when a user moves within the organization or is terminated.

I'm not sure we've done timing measurements on various operations, but in general most IPA commands are fast executing in sub-second elapsed time on the server. Latency on the client side can be introduced by such things as authentication (mitigated by the use of client sessions), network latencies between the client and the server, DNS resolution, etc. Those types of network induced latencies can be very hard to predict because it depends on a number of external factors having nothing to do with IPA per se. Elapsed time on the server is also influenced by LDAP tuning (e.g. indexes), memory, available CPU, etc.

Things like adding a user, or adding a user to a group are not compute intensive and should execute quickly. For your intended use I don't see any issues with the elapsed time for command execution.

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