We migrated the users from openldap to IPA.
We are getting the following error after the User has been migrated
(after he changes the password through https://ipa1/ipa/migration/)
and he tries to change passwd :-
Account is not locked and Kerberos credentials seems to be present
(created by ipa/migration)

$ ssh siwal@
siwal@'s password:
Warning: Your password will expire in less than one hour.
Password expired. Change your password now.
Last login: Fri Feb  8 09:28:41 2013 from
WARNING: Your password has expired.
You must change your password now and login again!
Changing password for user siwal
Current Password:
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
Connection to closed.
# ipa user-status siwal
Account disabled: False
  Server: ipa1.xyz.dmz
  Failed logins: 0
  Last successful authentication: 2013-02-08T03:59:29Z
  Last failed authentication: N/A
  Time now: 2013-02-08T06:40:18Z

  Server: ipa2.xyz.dmz
  Failed logins: 1
  Last successful authentication: 2013-02-08T03:59:20Z
  Last failed authentication: 2013-02-08T03:59:33Z
  Time now: 2013-02-08T06:40:18Z
Number of entries returned 2
# ipa user-show vinay
  User login: siwal
  Home directory: /home/siwal
  Login shell: /bin/bash
  UID: 522
  GID: 522
  Account disabled: False
  Password: True
  Kerberos keys available: True

Rajnesh Kumar Siwal

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