On 02/15/2013 05:15 PM, KodaK wrote:
> I suspect the answer to this is "no," but I'm asking anyway:
> Let's say I have an IPA user named "bob."  When bob was created, IPA
> created a matching GID for him.  Is it possible, through IPA, to add
> another user to that GID?
> If not, and I add another user to that GID by directly manipulating
> LDAP, will that break anything in IPA?
> I know the "correct" way is to make a new group.
I think you should be able to. There was/is way to display UPGs in the
UI so it should be managble as yet another group with some special
warnings. At least this is how it was speced. I do not know how it is
actually implemented.

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