On 03/07/2013 11:47 PM, Tim Hildred wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been using IPA for authentication with a RHEV environment. 
> Quite a while ago, I got help from this list in making it so that my users 
> could access the WebUI with their login and passwords, no Kerberos ticket 
> required. I also had it working that when their passwords expired, they would 
> ssh to the IPA server as themselves, get challenged for their current 
> password, and then the opportunity to provide a new one. 
> The update to ipa-server 3.0.0-25.el6 means that I can no longer log into the 
> WebUI with just a login and password (see attached screenshot) and that users 
> who try and update expired passwords get:
>  You must change your password now and login again!
>  Changing password for user juwu.
>  Current Password: 
>  New password: 
>  Retype new password: 
>  Password change failed. Server message: Password not changed.

It seems that password might have not matched the server policy.
Have you tried different users and different passwords?

What does kerberos log on the server show? It will give you some hint
about the reason why the password was rejected.
It might be that the password you are trying to use already in the
history of passwords. AFAIR there was a bug that we did not handle
history of passwords properly in some cases. Now as it is fixed you
might see a proper policy enforcement.

>  Insufficient access to perform requested operation while trying to change 
> password.
>  passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
>  Connection to dns1.ecs-cloud.lab.eng.bne.redhat.com closed.
> Can anyone help me restore that functionality? Please?
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