On Wed, 2013-03-13 at 09:28 -0400, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> Michael ORourke wrote:
> > I think SRV records are only part of the problem.  We are using
> > integrated BIND/DNS with our IPA servers and I'm not sure it supports
> > views.  But thanks for the suggestion.
> > I guess we could create custom krb5.conf files in each DC and mange them
> > with Puppet, but there are other config files (e.g. resolv.conf and
> > ldap.conf) that would need to be managed too.  Maybe there are some
> > other IPA client config files that setup static mappings during the join
> > process.  Anyone know which ones to look at?
> No, we don't support views yet.
> You'd also need a custom sssd.conf as well.
> We support this kind of configuration in 3.x. Using multiple --server 
> and --fixed-primary options of ipa-client-install you can add multiple, 
> hardcoded servers and still have failover. Basically you configure 
> things to ignore the SRV records, so you shouldn't have to mess with the 
> resolver at all.

Just want to note that we are working on a more manageable solution for
the future:

But we are not there yet.

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