I have recently been working on integrating our solaris 10 fleet with FreeIPA. 
The first 'test' host went relatively smoothly and we recently created a new 
test host. Only this time it was more challenging to get the system working.

On our original test installation every step went almost exactly as per the 
documentation [ 

On the second install we found that whilst we were able to retrieve user 
account information via LDAP we could not login via ssh and kerberos for any 
amount of trying. This was overcome by inserting the following line into 

other         account            sufficient              pam_ldap.so.1

Where is had not been needed on test host1.

To the extent it works and doesn't break something else this is all fine. I 
understand why it works as the information in ldap is needed to open the 
terminal session, why would one need this stanza but not the other?

If anyone can shed any light on this I would be most appreciative.


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