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Michael ORourke wrote:
I think SRV records are only part of the problem.  We are using
integrated BIND/DNS with our IPA servers and I'm not sure it
views.  But thanks for the suggestion.
I guess we could create custom krb5.conf files in each DC and mange
with Puppet, but there are other config files (e.g. resolv.conf and
ldap.conf) that would need to be managed too.  Maybe there are some
other IPA client config files that setup static mappings during the
process.  Anyone know which ones to look at?

No, we don't support views yet.

You'd also need a custom sssd.conf as well.

We support this kind of configuration in 3.x. Using multiple --server
and --fixed-primary options of ipa-client-install you can add
hardcoded servers and still have failover. Basically you configure
things to ignore the SRV records, so you shouldn't have to mess with
resolver at all.


Would a bind sortlist help in this scenario to prefer IP addresses based
on the requester? It's independent of the zone config and I believe can
be set globally if and when views are implemented.

I gave a try to sortlists in BIND:

I found that it works very well for A records. Sortlist option can rearange IP addresses in the ANSWER section so 'local' addresses are on top of the ANSWER section and 'remote' IP addresses at the end of ANSWER section.

Unfortunately, sortlist doesn't affect SRV records at all. IMHO it can't do that because it would be against SRV RR definition in RFC 2782.

Petr^2 Spacek

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     I have no idea if this counts as best practice because I am not
     affiliated with the FreeIPA development team

     I personally think SRV records are probably the best idea in
     You would have to setup different zones to serve to each
     though if you know how to do that.
     It's not that tricky with views in bind.

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         We have a single realm distributed across 2 data centers and
         offices with 4 replicated IPA servers (2 in each data
           We are running IPA server and client v2.2.0 on all servers
         replication appears to be functioning correctly.  What I
         noticed is that some servers in DC1, have no connectivity to
         IPA servers in DC2, and when you try connecting to them from
         Office1 you sometimes get a long authentication delay.  I
         suspect this is caused by a timeout waiting for an IPA
server in
         DC2 to respond (which it can't).  So I guess my question is,
         there a 'best practices' approach to this scenario?

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