Miller, Kevin R wrote:
I installed freeipa from the Fedora 18 repo and then ran the
freeipa-server-install with the proper parameters.  Installation seems
to be successful but the http (80) and ldap (389) services are not
listening on the ipv4 interface.  I confirmed that the /etc/hosts file
contains a proper entry that maps the ipv4 address to the fqdn.  If I
run a netstat –an |grep 389 I get the following

Tcp6       0              0              :::389     :::*         Listen

A netstat –an |grep 80 returns the same

Tcp6       0              0              :::80       :::*         Listen

Since I wasn’t even using ipv6 I cannot explain why the services were
trying to bind to the ipv6 address instead of the configured IPV4
address I decided to force IPV6 to be disabled by added an entry in the
/etc/sysctl.conf file to disable ipv6.  After I did that, the port 80
now binds to which is what I wanted but the 389 continues to
bind to :::.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Does it actually answer on a IPv4 address (including localhost) on port 389?


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