Hello, apologize if this is a faq.

We're trying to set up a file server that authenticate all users against
a FreeIPA-server. The systems are up to date CentOS 6 machines and
everything works just swell for logins and NFS4-mounts. However, we're
completely stuck on samba.

We've tried to figure out how to make a samba 3 use PAM, ldap or
whatever (and that way authenticate towards FreeIPA) and right now we're
trying Samba 4 because we hoped that would be simpler. So far we're out
of luck.

What we want is just a stand alone samba server (there's no windows
servers on this network) that is connected to FreeIPA. It sounds like a
pretty basic thing to get to work, but apparently that's not the case.

...help? Maybe someone has a working config they could share?


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