Rob Crittenden <> wrote on 29.03.2013 01:09:49:

> >  > Anyhow, you can override the shell on the client using the
> >  > override_shell directive of sssd.conf. Simply put it into the 
> >  > section and restart the SSSD.
> >
> > Thanks for that tip, will try that one.
> Let me also note that changing the default shell doesn't change the 
> shell for any existing users (not entirely sure how this applies to 
> trust users, it might get particularly wonky on different machines as 
> each machine's sssd cache could have a different shell).

It worked when i did override_shell to [nss] section.
If i recall right, it did not worked when it was in [domain/] 

Not worrying me if it forces all to bash, because we all use only it.

BTW: is there any place when i can submit feature requests, eg. default 
shell IPA configuration to be used with AD trusts users also.

 Pekka Panula
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