Joseph, Matthew (EXP) wrote:
My old NIS server we used shadow passwords.
When I migrated my passwd nis file to IPA I'm assuming it also imported the part of the 
file that contains  the "x" to point it towards a shadow file.

Would I need to remove the "x" from the nis passwd file and re-migrate it to 
Is there a better way to get around this?

This is why I asked what nsswitch.conf looked like. IPA does not provide the shadow map, so no passwords at all area available.

It is possible to add a shadow map, but it is unsecure and one of the primary reasons people don't use NIS much any more.

What kind of client are you configuring, and do you need it to be pure NIS?



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Hey Rob,

The passwd section of nsswitch.conf is the following;

Passwd: files nis


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Joseph, Matthew (EXP) wrote:

I've having issues with trying to login to our NIS clients that are
looking at IPA as a "NIS" Server.

The NIS Client can view all of the usernames when I do a ypcat passwd
but when I try to login a with a user account it will not accept the
password. I've even tried setting it as simple as Password123 and
still nothing.

I don't see anything NIS related in the error logs on the IPA server.

Can someone point me in the right direction for this?

What does your nsswitch.conf look like?

Note that IPA does not provide the shadow map (because it sends hashes in the 


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