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I’m still trying to figure out this error but I am getting nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on why this is failing?


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Yup, the client side says the following;

Op=-1 fd=64 closed – Peer does not recognize and trust the CA that issued your certificate.


Check the version of the nss package on your IPA server. There was a change that went into nss-3.14 that disables support for certificate signatures using the MD5 hash algorithm. To check if you are using MD5 certificate signatures, use this command to examine the certificates -

cerutil -L -d/etc/dirsrv/slapd-DOMAIN-CA/ Server-Cert

If this is the case, the workaround is to downgrade the nss package to version 3.13. The fix is to re-issue your certificates using the SHA256 hashes.

Are you using the IPA CA, or are you managing the CA independently of IPA?

Jatin Nansi

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