I don't know if anyone has tried what I want to do, I really just want to
know if it's possible at the moment. A few pointers to any information
would be helpful too!

I have an existing FreeIPA server running on a CentOS machine. It is used
to authenticate all users on the network. This works very well, but setting
up Windows workstations is a bit of a pain. I also want to provide some
network storage for the windows machines. To this end, I would like to set
up a Samba 4 server as a slave to FreeIPA so that the Windows workstations
could join an AD domain controlled by Samba 4, but actually authenticating
against FreeIPA. I really want to keep FreeIPA in the driving seat, but
would love to be able to make the Windows workstations behave as though
they were on a domain.
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