John Blaut wrote:

We found out recently that an IPA server which we upgraded some time ago
from EL6.2/IPA 2.1 to EL6.3/IPA 2.2, reported the following errors:

ERROR Update failed: Object class violation: attribute
"ipaSELinuxUserMapOrder" not allowed
ERROR Upgrade failed with attribute "idnsAllowQuery" not allowed

The latter error we resolved by applying the patch found @ (in fact we used this fix
on another server in the past).

Unfortunately we do not have a solution for the first error (related to
ipaSELinuxUserMapOrder). Any ideas?

We do have plans to upgrade the mentioned server to EL 6.4 / IPA 3.0,
but I doubt this would be safe to do before we resolve the above error

Updating might be fine, but it shouldn't be too hard to fix first.

I'd start by getting the current schema:

ldapsearch -x -b cn=schema objectclasses attributetypes > /path/to/some/file

See if ipaSELinuxUserMapOrder is defined as an attributeType.

It looks like there is an error in the update file that adds this attribute, so it may not be there. Look in /usr/share/ipa/updates/10-selinuxusermap.update and you'll see this line duplicated:

     X-ORIGIN 'IPA v3')

If so, I'd try to remove the extra line and run:

ipa-ldap-updater /usr/share/ipa/updates/10-selinuxusermap.update

That should fix it.


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