I was guessing as much,
I'ts just that all the existing servers are allready in an existing domain.
And changing hostnames / fqdn's for all those hosts would hurt.

The DNS "discover" process of the REALM is that based on the fqdn of the 
principal or is it based on the kerberos realm name?

example principal: host/host1.foo....@example.com

When trying to discover a KDC by DNS, does it look for the various SRV/TXT like 
_kerberos._tcp in the foo.bar domain or in the EXAMPLE.COM domain?

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On Wed, 2013-05-08 at 16:41 +0000, Johnny Westerlund wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm planning implementing a IPA server at a site where there is
> allready a working Active directory domain.
> I would still like the machines from AD and IPA live in the same DNS
> domain.
> Example.
> AD Domainname = foo.bar
> a Host principal would look like: host/host1.foo....@foo.bar
> Now i would like to introduce the IPA server under a different realm
> name but for the same DNS name.
> IPA domainname = foo.bar
> IPA KERBEROS realm = LINUX.FOO.BAR (or what ever)
> a Host principal would look like: host/host2.foo....@linux.foo.bar
> So basicly i would register the hostnames / PTR records in the
> microsoft DNS and use the IPA kerberos REALM for authentication.
> Am i making any sense? is this asking for a world of hurt?

It is possible, and it will hurt.

You will not be able to use trusts between AD and IPA.
You will not be able to use Kerberos between Windows client and Linux
Servers and vice-versa.

I personally discourage people from doing this if they can and instead
delegate (or just forward on both sides) a subdomain (like ipa.foo.bar)
to ipa for all the ipa hosts (server.ipa.foo.bar,
clientX.ipa.foo.bar ...)


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