Dean Hunter wrote:
I have been reading manuals (yes, I know that is not fair but I can not
stop myself). It has been about six months since I started working with
FreeIPA and I thought it would be a good idea to see if I understood the
FreeIPA Guide released with Fedora 17 any better now than before I

I found a section that peaked my interest: 3.6. Setting up a Linux
Client Through Kickstart. Then I checked the Fedora 19 Beta TC4 DVD I am
using and discovered that neither the freeipa-client nor the autofs
packages are included. Is this an oversight or has the objective of
having the FreeIPA client enabled "out of the box" changed?

Also, is the edition of the manual, 2.2.0, intended to indicate the
FreeIPA version to which the manual corresponds?

You can specify additional repos/packages in a kickstart script, they do not need to be included in the ISO.

But yes, we're trying to make this easier. There is some limited support for configuring IPA via authconfig, for example.


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