On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 12:38 AM, Ryan Cunningham
<ryan.cunningham.xy...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> What I see is:
>>  fatal: Access denied for user admin by PAM account configuration
>> What about disabling selinux?
> Whoops, I probably should have caught these myself.
> Disabling SELinux fixed one of the hosts. I didn't even look at it because I
> believed that I had disabled it previously.
> The other problem host didn't have SELinux enabled but was missing the
> /etc/selinux/targeted directory structure and was dropping an error:
>  [sssd[pam]] [write_selinux_login_file] (0x0040): creating the temp file for
> SELinux data failed. /etc/selinux/targeted/logins/adminnik1F1(Sun Jun  2
> 18:01:44 2013) [sssd[pam]] [pam_reply] (0x0100): blen: 25
> Everything's working fine now -- thanks for looking at those logs.

glad it helped, but it should also work with selinux enabled.

Could you try running restorecon -rv on /etc and /home at least,
re-enabling selinux and logging in again? For me and many others, it
works and it really is the new 'best practices' to have it on ;-)


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