I'm working on trying to migrate users into FreeIPA 3.1.5 (Fedora 18) from
DS389 (CentOS 6) 1.2.2.  I've enabled migration on DS389 and I'm attempting
to migrate a subset of people using:

ipa migrate-ds --user-container="ou=Systems &
Networking,ou=Personnel,dc=plu,dc=edu" --ignore* ldap://LDAP-SERVER:389

The out put is:

Failed user:
  %UID%: %UID% is not a POSIX user
  %UID%: %UID% is not a POSIX user
  %UID%: %UID% is not a POSIX user

And so on.

I've imported my schema into FreeIPA so that it knows my additional
attributes; however, just to be safe I've also tried running the import
ignoring any objectclass in use with the same output.


I've added the posixAccount object class to a handful of accounts in
question on my DS389 side to be sure that was not an issue either and that
gives me the same result.

I'm sure this is something simple that I'm missing, any suggestions would
be appreciated.

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