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Hi there,

I've configured FreeIPA to add an objectClass to user when they are
created (e.g. eduPerson).

We are strongly using the eduPerson schema to store several attributes
we need in our REN (research & education network...) environment.
So, for us, Its mandatory that the WebUI forms are updated to show those
eduPerson attributes (like eduPersonEntitlement). We want to use the
WebUI rather than other tools like ApacheDirectoryStudio.

Also, we want some default values for those eduPerson attributes.

I'm wondering if it is possible, and how.

I see the cn=ipaconfig,cn=etc subtree, but I think it has nothing to do
with this.

This is the docs references i'm using:

Best regards


depends on FreeIPA version. Since version 3.2 there is much better Web UI plugin support[1]. It's quite new so the documentation is rather poor and WIP[2], but improving it is on my todo list. There are some examples of plugins on devel-list[3].

The easiest way, prior to version 3.2, is probably editing the Web UI source code located in /usr/share/ipa/ui. Use this method at your own risk.

One can add a user field by following these steps:
1. open user.js
2. find details facet fields array
3. add new item
a. it can be a single string which matches the ldap attribute name ie. 'cn'
  b. or an object with more information:
    name: 'ldap_attr_name',
    label: 'My label',
    tooltip: 'Help text',
    required: true

Adder dialog can be altered in similar fashion.

Default values are better handled in server plugins. Plugin creation is described in extension guide[4].

[1] http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/WebUI_plugins
[2] http://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/doc/
[3] http://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-devel/2013-April/msg00423.html
[4] http://abbra.fedorapeople.org/guide.html#sec-4

Petr Vobornik

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